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Xylobiotech technical facilities : forest biotechnology


General presentation of the support team

The XYLOBIOTECH support team involves experts in forest biotechnology from both FCBA Genetic & Biotechnology team at FCBA Pierroton (Biotechnology & Advanced Forestry Department, BSA) and AGPF Research Unit (INRA Val de Loire – Orléans Centre).

There are currently 12 persons in the support team. 

XYLOBIOTECH coordination

Jean-François Trontin (coordinator) -

Luc Harvengt (deputy coordinator) - 

XYLOBIOTECH management unit, FCBA Pierroton (Genetic & Biotechnology team)

Reception Patricia Poupeau

05 56 79 95 00 (tél.)

05 56 10 40 97 (fax)

Director Alain Bailly
Expert scientist Luc Harvengt
Expert scientist Jean-François Trontin

XYLOBIOTECH management unit, INRA Val de Loire (AGPF, Orléans)

Reception Patricia Montes-Duran

02 38 41 78 24 (tél.)

02 38 41 48 09 (fax)

Director Gilles Pilate

Expert scientist Françoise Laurans
Expert scientist Marie-Claude lesages-Descause

Members of XYLOBIOTECH support team

Staff member


Patricia Poupeau

XYLOBIOTECH reception and administration, FCBA Pierroton site

Alain Bailly

Director of the Biotechnology & Advanced Forestry Group (BSA) and manager of the Genetic & Biotechnology team

Luc Harvengt

Expert scientist for XYLOBIOTECH activities

Expertise : Cryopreservation, clonal propagation, molecular markers, multidisciplinary approaches

Jean-François Trontin

Expert scientist for XYLOBIOTECH activities

Expertise : clonal propagation, reverse genetics, epigenetics, genome structure and evolution, genetic diversity

Sandrine Canlet-Debille

Research engineer, technical management of genetic transformation activities

Expertise : genetic transformation, molecular biology (gene flow)

Karine Durandeau

Research engineer, technical management of molecular biology activities

Expertise : molecular biology (genotyping)

Isabelle Reymond

Research Technician, technical management of in vitro culture and cryopreservation

Expertise : cryopreservation, micropropagation, somatic embryogenesis

Francis Canlet

Research Technician, technical management of the greenhouse (both standard and S2 sections)

Expertise : Micropropagation, germination, acclimatization of in vitro plants

Gilles Pilate

Manager of the AGPF research unit, INRA Orléans

Françoise Laurans

Research engineer, expert scientist in microscopy

Expertise : Microscopy, etc.

Marie-Claude lesage-Descauses

Research engineer, expert scientist in molecular biology

Expertise : quantitative PCR, etc.

Véronique Lainé-Prade

Research Technician

Expertise : Microtomy, cryotomy, ultramicrotomy, staining of anatomical thin sections, immuno-localization