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XYLOBIOTECH platform : forest biotechnology


XYLOBIOTECH is not only devoted to Research & Development projects but also to initiatives in long-term preservation of genetic resources and other biotechnology services for both public and private customers. Consultancy and expertise services are possible.

Requests for an access to XYLOBIOTECH equipments and services will be welcomed. User’s demand will be subjected to a case-by-case feasibility study of technical, legal, administrative and funding conditions according to the procedure concurrently defined and validated by the support teams (FCBA-BSA, INRAE Centre Val de Loire-BioForA) and Users’ Committee. Services to users can be integrated actions entirely performed by the staff dedicated to XYLOBIOTECH. Alternatively assays may be performed in full autonomy by the user’s staff after an appropriate coaching and training period by XYLOBIOTECH experts.

Access to XYLOBIOTECH equipments and services

INRAE Centre Val de Loire facilities (Orléans)

INRAE, Centre Val de Loire - Orléans, 2163, Avenue de la pomme de pin, CS 4001 Ardon, 45075 Orléans cedex 2 Tel: +33 (0)2 38 41 78 24 (Accueil, P. Montes) F. Laurans, INRAE, in charge of XYLOBIOTECH activities Fax: +33 (0)2 38 41 48 09 Email: patricia.montes-duran@inra.fr

FCBA facilities (Cestas-Pierroton)

FCBA, campus Forêt-Bois de Pierroton, 71 Route d'Arcachon, 33610 Cestas Ph: +33 (0)5 56 79 95 00 (reception, P. Poupeau) J.-F. Trontin, Scientist in charge of XYLOBIOTECH activities Fax: +33 (0)5 56 10 40 97 Email: sudouest@fcba.fr