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Xylobiotech technical facilities : forest biotechnology


The XYLOBIOTECH technical facilities is based on the expertise in forest biotechnology of 2 teams from the Biotechnology & Advanced forestry department of FCBA (wood-forest campus in Pierroton) and from the Research Unit in Forest Tree Breeding, Genetics and Physiology (AGPF, INRA Orléans)

The AGPF Research Unit from INRA Orléans is involved in sustainable management of forest genetic ressources. The unit is developing research programs for selection, breeding, preservation and long-term management of genetic diversity in tree populations.

The main objective of the BSA department at FCBA is to increase the productivity of cultivated forests, balancing economic and genetic gains with diversity. BSA is involved in new variety design and deployment, production of new knowledge relative to the impact of silviculture practices on wood biomass and quality as well as operating costs in order to sustain forest investments. Improved growth and quality of plantation forests may contribute to increased competitivity of wood industries and enhanced forest resilience to both environmental and economic risks.

Specific equipments of the XYLOBIOTECH technical facilities will contribute to a broad spectrum of Research & Development activities at the regional, national or international levels, including services to both private (e.g. industry) and public customers.

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