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XYLOBIOTECH and XYLOMIC are involved into the development of innovating selection strategies in maritime pine!

The project entitled “genetic resources and varietal innovation in maritime pine” coordinated by INRA Pierroton (L. Bouffier) is one of the 35 successful projects selected in the frame of the national 2017 MAA (French Ministry of Agriculture) call “Innovation and investment for the upstream forest segment” funded by the Strategic Fund for Forest and Wood.

XYLOBIOTECH and XYLOMIC are involved into the development of innovating selection strategies in maritime pine!Etape de « spotting » : les ADN amplifiés pour chaque arbre à chaque locus SNP sont déposés sur une micropuce servant de support pour le génotypage (lecture des allèles, technologie Sequenom)

This 3-year project (2017-2020) will implement available advanced genomic technologies to improve selection strategies in maritime pine. Individual trees from the core genetic breeding population will be fingerprinted using the efficient SNP-based (Single Nucleotide Polymorphism) genotyping technology. Allele screening at each investigated SNP locus will be used to unravel genotyping errors and pedigree misleading that could accumulate in the maritime pine breeding program over time (up to 10-20% error rate estimated during the PhD project of M. Vidal, 2013-2016). Tree genotype will be certified and re-labeled at field experimental plots. Breeding values will be recalculated and/or refined. Confirmed genotype databases will then be used to develop new and innovating selection strategies for accelerated selection cycles and integration of new selection criteria related in particular with environmental issues (climate change, likely arrival of new pests such as pinewood nematode …) and economic considerations.
FCBA will actively contribute to the first project objective (SNP genotyping of the breeding population) using the molecular lab facility of XYLOBIOTECH located at Pierroton (DNA sample preparation for SNP genotyping). The XYLOMIC facility and in particular the Genome-Transcriptome platform of Bordeaux will be in charge of the SNP genotyping (Sequenom technology with mass spectrometry). A new and efficient collaboration in this project of both XYLOBIOTECH and XYLOMIC facilities of XYLOFOREST!

Collaboration INRA, FCBA