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XYLOBIOTECH platform : forest biotechnology

XYLOBIOTECH is one of 6 technical facilities developed in the frame of the XYLOFOREST project of investment for the future (EquipEx).

The main objective of XYLOBIOTECH is to contribute to preservation, propagation and full characterization of forest genetic resources. XYLOBIOTECH is contributing to the development of new tools for selection and deployment of more adapted forest varieties to fulfill the foresters and society needs in sustainable wood production. XYLOBIOTECH specific equipments and expertise have been developed to propagate, clean, preserve and analyse plants for research purposes, management and deployment of genetic resources. The XYLOBIOTECH partners (Biotechnology and Advanced Forestry Department, FCBA-Pierroton and UMR BioForA, Integrated biology for the valuation of tree and forest diversity, INRAE Centre Val de Loire) beneficiated from specific new equipments to complement and improve already existing facilities.

Activities & Projects

The XYLOBIOTECH platform combines the forest-biotech labs of INRAE Centre Val de Loire (UMR BioForA, Orléans) and FCBA (Cestas-Pierroton) which are dedicated to production, study and preservation of forest tree plant material for scientists, breeders, nurseries and people in charge of the conservation of wild plant genetic resources.


XYLOBIOTECH is not only devoted to Research & Development projects but also to initiatives in long-term preservation of genetic resources and other biotechnology services for both public and private customers. Consultancy and expertise services are possible.